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Automotive Industry Insurance Made Easy

Here at Mallory Agency, we have been working with big names in the automotive industry for more than five decades. We have branded ourselves with a strong reputation among local and national businesses in the automotive industry because of our quality, affordable insurance solutions. Our comprehensive insurance plans are designed to lower your insurance costs while maximizing your coverage.

Automotive shops, dealerships, and garages have a set of interests and risks that are unique to the industry. We provide each of our clients with a wide range of insurance options from a variety of carriers. There are many differences among insurance policies – their costs and coverage options can vary drastically at times. The insurance experts at Mallory Agency will work with you to determine which policy most your business needs in the most cost-effective way.


Types of Automotive Insurance Coverage

All automotive industries should have some type of insurance policy in place to protect them from unforeseen risks or losses. Mallory Agency is here to help devise the most effective insurance program for your business needs.

When developing an insurance solution for any automotive business, it is important that the policy covers not only company-owned vehicles and property, but also your customers’ automobiles, as well. Mallory Agency will detail several policy options that include insurance coverage for:

  • General liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Property Insurance
  • Automobile Insurance

Every year, there are millions of automobile accidents. It is very possible that one could occur at your automotive store or dealership. With this in mind, our insurance carriers want to insure any damage that may occur to any vehicle on your property or operating under your control. Our top-rated carriers offer dozens of insurance options that may even include discounts for safe driving or when bundling with other insurance packages.


What Type of Automotive Industries Do We Cover?

If you work in any sector of the automotive industry, you know how many different types of businesses are involved with buying, selling, and maintaining cars. No matter what part of the automotive industry you work in, we can find an insurance policy to fit your needs. Some of automotive operations we insure are:

  • Franchised Auto Dealerships
  • Non-Franchised Auto Dealerships
  • Used Car Dealers
  • General Service and Repair Shops
  • Car Detail Shops
  • Collision and Body Shops
  • Car Washes
  • Tire Dealers
  • Auto Glass Repair Centers