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Claims Advocacy Made Easy

When it comes to fighting for the wellbeing of our clients, no one can match the service and quality provided by Mallory Agency.

Our insurance professionals are fully committed to the long-term success of our clients. This includes reducing the number of claims brought against you and your business, settling unfair claims quickly and efficiently, and minimizing the effects that these claims will have on your business.


Keeping You Informed Every Step of the Way

Communication between our insurance professionals and clients is a necessity for settling any claim. Mallory Agency keeps all of our clients updated throughout a claims process. Our insured customers receive the backing of our entire team of insurance advisors, legal experts, and claims advocates. The coordination between our clients and our staff help us settle claims more effectively than other claims advocates.


Established Record of Claims Advocacy

Mallory Agency has been fighting for the rights of our clients for more than five decades. We have settled millions of dollars worth of claims and understand the technical issues that underlie any claims process.


Settling Claims Quickly and Efficiently

Like all of our policies, Mallory Agency insurance advisors strive to settle your claims with the lowest possible effect on your business or daily operations. Settling insurance claims in a timely manner depends on our highly experienced staff and close relation with insurance carriers.


Litigation Consulting

If you or your business is the subject of an unfair legal dispute, our insurance professionals will work closely with lawyers to investigate the case and provide all evidence in support of the insured party.


Aiding the Injured Parties

If a claim is brought against you or business involving accidental injury, Mallory Agency will work with the victim to find a hospital, physician, or clinic that will best fit their needs. If an employee is the claimant of a work-related injury, we can help develop a plan to get them back on track to working.


Fraud Detection

Businesses and individuals alike will try to take advantage of prospective insurance policies by inappropriately filing a claim. Because our company has been working with claims advocacy for many years, we can often pinpoint when something is being falsely admitted. In any case, we take insurance fraud to be a very serious matter and work closely with our clients to investigate the claim and alleviate its effects.