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Religious- Faith Based Insurance Plans

Faith Based Institutions/Schools

Mallory Agency recognizes that as a faith based institution or school you are faced with many responsibilities –students, educators and the parents. You must take steps to see that all of these people work together for the betterment and enrichment of others. But, perhaps more importantly, you must ensure that your institution is protected from allegations of abuse and molestation by employees and volunteers, liability stemming from counseling services and emergency events.

We have a team of committed professionals who have been involved with highly respected educational institutions all across the across the country, as well as on governing boards within their own churches and religious institutions. They understand the challenges you face and have taken classes and seminars on topics such as Corporal Punishment, Directors and Officers, Educator’s Legal Liability, Employment Practices Liability, Sexual Abuse Accusation, and Pastoral Professional Liability. By keeping up with the latest trends and forecasts in the industry, we are able to determine risks and help you adjust your practices and procedures to protect yourself and the institution.

We have a variety of options for your insurance needs. We know that no two institutions or religious facilities are the same. In fact, it is not unusual for a church or school’s needs to change on a yearly basis. You need to have knowledgeable advisors who recognize these changes and will help you select the insurance policies that will protect those concerned. Some of the coverage options in policies include the following:

  • Outdoor fences, signs, trees, shrubs and plants
  • Property off-premises
  • Stained glass and pipe organs included as part of building coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Donated automobiles held for sale
  • Fine arts and religious articles and statuary
  • Church members and volunteers included as insureds
  • Cemetery liability
  • Employee benefits liability
  • Sexual abuse and molestation
  • Sprinkler system evaluation and analysis
  • Customized workers compensation cost containment
  • Driver and fleet safety programs
  • Regulatory guidance

Our goal is to help you save money without sacrificing service. We will be available to answer your questions, assess any concerns or situations, determine what type of policies will best suit your school or faith-based institution, and help you reduce your potential for loss. And while we do offer an extensive list of policy choices, it is our goal to create an insurance policy that controls the risk through management, transfer and avoidance so that you can keep your cost as low as possible.


The Mallory Agency offers top-rated policies for the following institutions:

  • Chapels, churches, synagogues, shrines and temples
  • Monasteries and convents
  • Religious retreat houses
  • Denominational offices
  • Churches with private schools
  • Religious congregations with community-based activities (e.g., sponsored youth programs, child care, community charitable work)