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Group Employment Benefits


In today’s environment, Employee Benefits have become both complex and competitive.

It takes special expertise to design and implement employee benefit packages that provide your businesses with a cost effective program that is appreciated by your employees.

We are dedicated to working with you to define your objectives and create a strategy that reflects both your outlook and your budget criteria, and then meeting those objectives.

Once we have done this, we target several insurance carriers that will best satisfy those objectives. We prepare a detailed market analysis, along with our comments and recommendations. Mallory Agency only works with the best and most financially stable carriers in the U.S.


Some of our employee benefit products are:

Group MedicalGroup2

This includes traditional indemnity plans, as well as Managed Care Plans such as PPO, EPO, HMO, POPS and Triple Option Plans.

Most companies should have at least two of these plans to give your employees a choice of access to medical care, while minimizing the cost to your firm.


Group Dental

Although traditional dental plans are still the most popular, DPO & DMO plans are worthy of consideration depending on your locale. This can maximize coverage to your employees and minimize your costs.

Group Life

We can arrange Life Insurance in a number of ways to offer your employees a benefit that provides financial security to their families in case of an untimely death. In addition to basic life coverage, we can offer Supplemental Voluntary Life coverage to allow employees to purchase additional protection at their own cost.

Long Term Disability

Group LTD provides your employees with a replacement income in case of an accident or illness that prevents them from performing the normal duties of their occupation. Group LTD is also an inexpensive but valuable benefit to employers because it responsibly cares for valuable employees who become disabled.

Profit Sharing (401K) Plans

These are IRS qualified plans that allows both the employer and employee to contribute tax deferred dollars towards a defined contribution pension plan. Employees can contribute on a payroll deduction basis and can direct how they wish to invest their funds.

Section 125 Plans

These are plans that allow an employee to use pre-tax dollars to help cover normal out of pocket expenses that are associated with benefit plans, such as:

  • Premium contribution for dependents
  • Out of Pocket medical expenses (deductibles, co-insurance, disallowed or excluded expenses)
  • Cost of Dependent care
  • Our ServiceOnce you have decided on the best plan for your firm, Mallory Agency will assist in implementing the chosen plan, including holding employee meetings to make certain that the employees understand and appreciate their program.We remain a part of your employee benefit team throughout the year to make certain that the plan continues to run smoothly, and to assist in any problems that may arise.We welcome the opportunity to work with you on your employee benefit program and can assure you that you will not be disappointed in our performance.Please contact us with the following information:
  • Company Name and Address
  • Contact Person
  • Phone and Fax
  • E-mail Address
  • Type of Industry
  • Number of Employees