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Health Care Provider’s Insurance Made Easy

As a health care provider, you have a responsibility to see that everyone’s needs are met and that things are handled properly. But who is there to watch your back and see that you have the policies and procedures you need to be successful and avoid costly mishaps? The Mallory Agency – that’s who.

The Mallory Agency has been providing physicians’ and doctors’ insurance for quite some time and we know what insurance policies are going to best protect you. Our knowledgeable team works with healthcare facilities, surgeons and physicians to keep up with the latest medical insurance policies so that we can help you make informed decisions regarding property and casualty , workers compensation, employee benefits, risk management, malpractice, risk management, and claims management. Because we understand the intricacies of the medical and surgical practice, we have designed a variety of strategies and are sure to have something that will meet your specific needs. Some of these healthcare provider insurance services include:

  • Administrative Defense Coverage Endorsement—covers expenses related to any federal, state, local or other third party investigations (i.e. Medicare/Medicaid, HIPPA)
  • Claims Management and Monitoring
  • Contract/Document Review
  • Exposure Analysis
  • Independent Medical and Non-Medical Contractors Coverage
  • Malpractice Application Pre-Population
  • Medical Director’s Coverage
  • Physical and Sexual Abuse
  • Resource Utilization Assistance
  • Risk Marketing and Placement
  • Comprehensive insurance such as aligned facility professional liability, employee benefits plans, managed care, billing errors and omissions liability


We know that your time is valuable, and that your hospital or medical office’s reputation is even more valuable, so we are committed to providing you the best possible serve and policies possible. We do this by being available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so that you can have quick answers to all you risk management questions or to help you with potential claim situations. We are there to advocate for you and provide quality, timely and cost effective results. Thanks to mobile communication, we are easily contacted for all your questions. Some of the commonly asked questions we help with relate to –

  • Regulations regarding patient consent
  • Questions concerning abuse or neglect
  • What to do about a non-compliant patient
  • Questions about a patient’s medical records
  • How to give a patient’s family unexpected distressing news in a way that does not put you or your practice at risk of an insurance claim


Today’s medical care businesses face numerous risks, ranging from data stealing to assertions of abuse in addition to traditional property exposures from theft, fires, and damaged goods in transportation. When you contact the Mallory Agency, you will find us to be responsive, well informed and dedicated to meeting your needs. We know that getting the right coverage as a medical professional, including policies for malpractice and property casualty is a must! Call the experts at Mallory Agency today at 888-551-3336.