Winter is here, and if you are like most homeowners in Lagrange, Georgia, you are probably hard at work getting your property winter ready. Have you checked your homeowner’s policy lately to insure that you are covered in the event of common damages that occur during the colder months? The good news is that most standard policies do cover damage that is related to wind-driven rain, strong winds, and collapse from ice or snow, as well as fallen trees. Your home is a huge investment, and winter brings additional risks that threaten your house and property. Make sure that you are completely ready—from your plumbing to your home insurance policy.

Damage from Wind

Wind gusts cause an enormous amount of damage around central and north-west Georgia during this time of the year. The wind creates a force that is capable of knocking over structures, blowing down branches and toppling firmly rooted trees. These large objects and debris can be very destructive. A fallen tree can destroy an entire house in an instant, and even limbs are capable of totally vehicles, ruining a garage or breaking an expensive window. Most policies are drafted to cover wind-related damage, but double check yours to make sure that you are covered before the next big winter storm hits the area.

Power Outages and Electrical Surges

These common winter occurrences can cause you a lot of stress, especially if they damage a major appliance or ruin all of the food in your refrigerator. There is good news: some policies do cover these hardships. However, if your deductible is more expensive that what you lost during the surge or outage, you might be better off not filing a claim. Speak to your local home insurance representative to get more information.

Deep Freeze

Extremely low temperatures can cause damage to your pipes. There are ways that you can combat this, such as keeping your home warm and insulating your piping, but if they do burst during a deep freeze, your homeowner’s insurance should have you covered.


Since Georgia sees a lot of rain during the winter, landslides can occur. Unfortunately, most homeowner insurance policies do not cover damage from a mudslide. If your home and property are located in an area where a landslide is a possibility, you should speak to your insurance representative about a policy that will be good for you.


Unfortunately, house fires are all too common during the winter. The trusted way in which you keep your family warm, such as a space heater or a fire place, could cause a fire that destroys your home. Electrical wiring is also commonly overworked during the winter months, causing many fires. If this terrible circumstance where to happen to you, you want to make sure that you are fully protected under your insurance policy.

Get More Information

Review your homeowner’s insurance policy while you are getting your property ready for this winter. For more information, view our home insurance page or contact a representative with Mallory Agency today.