Hospitality Insurance

Hotel and Restaurant Insurance Made Easy

Mallory Agency has worked with some of the Southeast’s biggest names in the hospitality industry. Our insurance professionals understand that the success of your restaurant, bar or hotel depends on customer satisfaction. In the hospitality industry, it can sometimes be hard to meet these goals with so many opportunities for financial loss. Mallory Agency can create an insurance program to protect your daily operations, your employees, and your guests from unnecessary risk.

Mallory Agency’s professional insurance advisors can create a risk management solution that will reduce your overall insurance costs and help make your business safer. Our team works with many of the top insurance providers around the country, so we can gather quotes from a variety of sources before explaining which policy would most benefit your hotel or restaurant.

When it comes to the hospitality industry, there are dozens of unforeseen possibilities that could leave your business financially liable or could otherwise discourage guests from returning. Our job is to create an insurance portfolio that will cover as many of these risks as possible and reduce the number/cost of these claims. Mallory Agency will review your insurance options, the types of coverage available, and their relative costs to guarantee an insurance solution that fits your business needs.


Coverage Options for the Hospitality Industry

Our highly rate insurance carriers have very specialized policies for restaurants and hotels. These policies drastically vary in the types of coverage they offer, but Mallory Agency can help determine which will be the most appropriate fit for your business. Our overall goal is to extend the most coverage to your business while driving down your insurance costs.

Restaurants and hotels are found liable in most cases where a guest/employee suffers an injury or loss. For hotels especially, there are a number of incidents that can be resolved more efficiently and economically with adequate insurance coverage. Some coverage options for hotels include:

  • Guest property coverage
  • Delivery errors and omissions
  • Innkeeper liability
  • Hospitality equipment breakdown
  • Utility services
  • Risk control (including slip and fall protection)

The hospitality industry also poses unique coverage options for restaurants as well. Upholding the physical and nutritional safety of your patrons is a top priority for all restaurants, yet it is still necessary to have an insurance plan that will support your business if an incident does occur. Some of the most popular coverage options for restaurants include:

  • Auto/Valet liability
  • Liquor liability
  • Food contamination and spoilage
  • Medical payments coverage
  • Property insurance (including fire coverage)

There are dozens of insurance packages that Mallory Agency can combine to lower your monthly insurance costs and increase your coverage. Our team can also create a policy that incorporates a Business Owner’s Policy (BOP) or employee benefits as well.


What Types of Businesses in the Hospitality Industry Do We Cover?

The hospitality industry is a vast and varied sector that incorporates businesses of all shapes and sizes. Mallory Agency has created insurance portfolios for local fast-food restaurants and even upscale dining rooms. Hotels we have covered range in size from small bed and breakfasts to multi-state hotel chains. No matter the size, number of employees, or annual income your business brings in, there is an insurance policy for you.

Other businesses in the hospitality industry might include golf courses, casinos, and theme parks. Call Mallory Agency today at (888)551-3336 to see if your business qualifies for an insurance quote.