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ID Theft Insurance

Approximately every 2 seconds someone will fall victim to identity theft in the U.S. according to various studies.  With these numbers on the rise, one can never be too cautious.  Here are some tips to help protect against identity theft but these are not 100% fool proof.

  1. Never volunteer your personal information to anyone
  2. Keep your Social Security Card in a safe place such as a safety deposit box / safe
  3. If someone calls you via phone, never give out personal info or bank account information
  4. Be cautious who you give your credit card number to
  5. Do not leave purses / Billfolds / wallets lying around


ID theft insurance usually does not reimburse all losses associated with theft but does reimburse partial amounts and helps cover costs associated with getting your identity back.  Identity theft insurance can be added as a supplement to your home owners policy and is very affordable for what it can help recover in the event of identity theft.

We would be more than happy to answer any questions concerning ID theft policies.  Give us a call at (706) 884-8039.