Manufacturing Insurance Made Easy

Manufacturing Insurance Made Easy

Mallory Agency works with a variety of manufacturing plants and factories to provide quality insurance coverage. No matter what line of products your factory produces, our team of highly trained insurance professionals can develop an insurance policy that will drive down your overall costs and increase your coverage.

The insurance experts at Mallory Agency have more than 100 years of experience negotiating policies with the nation’s top insurance providers. We understand that your manufacturing operations use highly specialized machinery to produce a distinct line of products. Based on the type of products you manufacture and the number of employees in your factory, we can create an individualized insurance portfolio.

For any business in the manufacturing industry, our goals are to increase the safety of your workforce by reducing unnecessary risks and shielding your business from financial loss. Manufacturing centers often need a comprehensive policy that will emphasize worker safety as well as product quality. If you are an OEM, value-added reseller, or distributor, then attracting a qualified workforce depends on the types of coverage and benefits your employees receive.


Types of Manufacturing Insurance

Insurance for any manufacturing business aims to protect your operations against unforeseen incidents. When Mallory Agency drafts an insurance portfolio, we will incorporate several types of coverage to best mitigate the risks your business might face.

Our insurance experts point out three main components that make up manufacturing insurance: your employees, your equipment, and your consumers. The policies that we draft at Mallory Agency will incorporate any losses that your company may face if any of these three components are not fully satisfied. If an incident does arise with machinery malfunctions, employee productivity, or consumer safety, it is necessary to have an insurance plan that will protect your business.

Most manufacturing insurance policies will include general liability as well as standard workers compensation insurance. More specific coverage options are available for extend your business’ protection. Coverage options offered by our insurance carriers might include:

  • Contractors equipment
  • Transit insurance
  • Builder’s risk
  • Equipment breakdown
  • Product recall insurance
  • Manufacturing errors and omissions
  • Property insurance


Our insurance packages can often bundle several coverage options to reduce your overall premiums while increasing your range of protection. Depending on the line of manufacturing your facility specializes in, we can draft a policy that will best fit your business needs.


What Types of Manufacturing Do We Cover?

Manufacturing is a broad term that encompasses hundreds of factories and production facilities. Mallory Agency understands that your manufacturing center has unique equipment and therefore needs an individualized policy. Your manufacturing business might have a few dozen employees or several hundred workers. In either case, we can draft a policy that brings peace of mind in the event of loss.

There is also a wide range of goods produced in the manufacturing industry. Mallory Agency helps insure any line of manufacturing that might include:

  • Food and beverage manufacturing
  • Metal fabrication
  • Petroleum and plastics manufacturing
  • Textiles and apparel manufacturing
  • Computer and electronic manufacturing