Non-Profit Insurance Made Easy

Non-Profit Insurance Made Easy

Mallory Agency has been working with non-profits for more than two decades to manage their insurance portfolios. Non-profit organizations often have limited budgets to deal with complex, specialized needs. Our goal for any non-profit is to offer the greatest amount of insurance coverage for the lowest possible price. The continued success of your non-profit organization could depend on having adequate insurance.

Insurance carriers vary substantially in the type of coverage options they provide for non-profits. It is imperative that an insurance professional at Mallory Agency help review your insurance options to guarantee the most appropriate coverage for your organization.

Mallory Agency works with dozens of non-profit organizations and the insurance carriers that protect them. With a close relationship to many of the brokers involved in non-profit insurance, our experienced advisors can help negotiate a custom policy that will lower your overall insurance costs and provide even greater coverage.


Coverage Options for Non-Profit Organizations

For many non-profit organizations, we offer Executive Protection Coverage. This comprehensive insurance solution combines several types of liability and general coverage options. Our Executive Protection Plan typically includes Directors and Officers Liability as well as Employment Practices Liability. These types of insurance coverage will help cover losses or defense costs in the event of legal action.

Mallory Agency can help develop an insurance portfolio with even greater coverage options. Depending on what type of non-profit you run, there are several extended insurance options that can help your business thrive while minimizing risk. Some areas of extended coverage include:

  • Corporate Entity Coverage
  • Punitive Damages
  • Prior Acts Coverage
  • SEC/Securities Coverage
  • Workers Compensation Programs
  • Corporate Allocation Endorsement

Your non-profit organization needs the safety and security that comes from an adequate insurance portfolio. Mallory Agency can help draft a coverage policy that will meet your non-profit’s needs and specialized interests with the most cost-effective solution.


What Types of Non-Profits Do We Cover?

With decades of experience in the non-profit industry, Mallory Agency understands the complex factors that affect your organization. Our insurance professionals are familiar with growing trends in the non-profit industry to ensure your coverage options are up-to-date and meet federal standards.

The IRS classifies every non-profit with strict, federal guidelines depending on what type of industry you operate within. Religious or educational groups, credit unions, social welfare organizations, and chambers of commerce are just some examples of non-profit entities classified by the IRS. Mallory Agency offers insurance solutions for almost any 501(c), not-for-profit group, or tax-exempt organization. Some of these non-profits include:

  • 501(c)(3): the most common non-profit organizations devoted to religious, educational, scientific, or charitable groups
  • 501(c)(7): social and recreation clubs
  • 501(c)(11): Teacher’s retirement fund associations