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The largest city in Fayette County, Peachtree City boasts over 35,000 souls. It is an ultra-modern planned community, first founded in 1959 that is progressive in its thinking and approach to the future. It is known for its low crime rate, beautiful natural landscape, excellent public education system and family-oriented lifestyle. It is ripe with recreational activities from pedestrian and bike paths to natural parks, arts and culture—and people of all varieties from young singles to families and retirees call this city home. When locals need the best in Peachtree City insurance services, they turn to the experience and expertise offered by the Mallory Agency.

Peachtree City Personal Insurance

Far too often these days, getting insurance for your home, car or valuable property is a matter of logging on to some cold and faceless website, clicking through a few links and getting a “one size fits all” quote. What happens when you need personalized service? It can be hard to even speak to a real person. The Mallory Agency doesn’t work that way.

At the Mallory Agency, we offer Peachtree City insurance services that allow you to shake a hand and look someone in the eyes. We aren’t an insurance carrier—we are an independent insurance agency that represents some of the most well-known and well-regarded carriers in the industry. Whatever your insurance needs may be, we can represent you to get the very best deal.

Individualized Insurance Services

The Mallory Agency can build a complete, personalized and individualized insurance policy that is tailored to your specific needs in a variety of areas, including:

• Automotive insurance
• Fire and flood insurance
• Homeowners insurance
• Renters insurance
• Boat and watercraft insurance
• Floater and personal valuables coverage
• Umbrella coverage
Small business insurance
• Identity theft insurance
• Wedding insurance

All these and more are available and can be built just for you, even combining different forms of coverage (such as automotive and homeowners) into a bundle package. We can get you the best coverage while saving you money.

The Mallory Agency

At Mallory, we take pride in providing personalized and our 24/7 service and access while plying our 70-plus years of combined experience to build just the policy you need. We have many options for contact and transactions, including in-person, phone, online, fax and physical mail. You can always count on us for easy, prompt, honest service delivered with integrity.

We will continually review your policy for opportunities to save you money, and will always provide education about the industry and your policy so that you are constantly well-informed. With a personal insurance agent, you have the benefit of choice and customization that you’ll never get by signing on with a carrier online.

The next time you need to gain new coverage, upgrade your existing insurance or need a custom insurance quote, turn to an agent who always has your best interest in mind. Read about the services the Mallory Agency provides, and give us a call for more information today!