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Public Entity Insurance Made Easy

Public Entity Insurance Made Easy

For over 100 years, Mallory Agency has been helping public and private institutions develop insurance policies that work. Public sector organizations are the backbone of our communities, so our team of insurance professionals strives to protect and insure them from risk.

At Mallory Agency, we recognize the unique and diverse responsibilities of public entities. Our cities, counties, schools, public safety officials, and water treatment facilities are just some examples of institutions that need an insurance portfolio to cover their assets. Our insurance advisors understand that these groups often operate on fixed budgets, so our coverage options are designed to help minimize costs.

Our team of highly skilled insurance advisors has also been working with nationwide carriers for decades. Our strong relation with these providers gives us the opportunity to insure you at a lower premium than our competitors can offer.


Coverage Options for Public Entities

Mallory Agency has written dozens of insurance policies for public entities. As municipalities grow, so do their exposure to risk, lawsuits, and losses. Our professional insurance advisors can create a comprehensive insurance portfolio that will address a number of coverage options depending on the area of public work.

County and municipal authorities need a variety of coverage options, but these can largely vary depending on the nature of the public entity being insured. For most of our clients in the public sector, we will draft an insurance portfolio that covers:

  • Property and casualty liability
  • Law enforcement liability
  • Employment practices liability
  • School Board liability
  • Public Official liability
  • Workers’ compensation
  • Equipment liability
  • Floods & Earthquake
  • System Breakdown liability


In addition to drafting insurance policies for public entities, Mallory Agency can also develop employee benefit packages that will help reduce the number of insurance claims. To create a fully comprehensive risk management portfolio, employee benefits like group medical, dental, and disability insurance are also covered by Mallory Agency.


What Types of Public Entities Do We Cover?

Cities and municipalities have dozens of public agencies to protect and serve the community. Mallory Agency can create a policy that will adequately cover all of them with a cost-effective premium. Some of the clients in the public sector include:

  • Transit authorities
  • Utilities (water treatment, gas, and electric)
  • K-12 Public schools
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Emergency services (fire department, EMS)
  • Jails and penitentiaries
  • Cities
  • Counties