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Commercial Real Estate Insurance

Real Estate Owners Insurance Made Easy

The real estate business is one where ups and downs are common. The hot piece of property today can be the piece you can’t move six months later. This unpredictability is merely part of the process. However, this does not mean that you cannot make plans for the future.

Mallory Agency is here to partner with you so that you can protect your interests without breaking the bank. Our knowledgeable and experienced advisors understand the workings of a real estate office and its transactions so they are fully equipped to help you select the policies that will protect and benefit you and your clients. Whether it be apartment owners and managers, real estate investment trusts (REITs), condominium associations, resorts, hotels, developers, appraisers, and other associated risks.


Available Insurance Coverage for Commercial Property and Real Estate Investments

 In real estate, costly catastrophes and business interruptions means loss of revenue. The Mallory Agency offers a variety of specialized packages that cover a wide range of needs at very competitive rates. Over our many years of working in the real estate investment insurance business, we have developed a network of carriers that provide commercial property insurance coverage. Some of the policy types we offer include:

  • Commercial property coverage
  • Crime and fiduciary coverages
  • Workers compensation coverage for employees
  • Commercial vehicle coverage for maintenance and delivery vehicles
  • Business income and extra expense coverage
  • Machinery breakdown coverage
  • Commercial general liability coverages, including aviation, marina and liquor liability
  • Tenants Move-Back covers costs for tenants to return to your property after being temporarily relocated if a fire, windstorm or other hazard damages or destroys your Commercial Real Estate property.
  • Building Ordinance Coverage covers the increased cost to comply with a building ordinance or law when you repair or remodel the building after a natural disaster or other catastrophe.
  • Business Property Insurance offers an excellent defense against unexpected occurrences.


Solutions for Your Real Estate Investment Insurance

 Mallory Agency recognizes that the insurance needs for your real estate investment and commercial properties vary from place to place. You need to know that the properties are protected – no matter what natural occurrence (flood, hurricane, etc.) or nefarious –or perhaps merely mechanical- event may occur. Our team of experts knows about the challenges you may face and can help you determine what precautions you need to make the most on your investment. We also can help you build a customized plan that meets needs such as the following:

  • Detailed loss forecasts
  • Expertise in designing the best scenario for premiums based on your client’s needs
  • Expertise with offshore captives
  • Help with loss control and prevention
  • Knowledge of housing issues and the codes and ordinances that applies


Don’t spend long hours looking for a company that can provide consultation and advice on choosing the right insurance for your commercial property or real estate investment. Work with the Mallory Agency, and you don’t have to guess about which policies will be best for your needs.