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Safety and Loss Control Made Easy

The continued success of your business or organization depends on having a workplace that complies with safety regulations. Mallory Agency is committed to delivering a fully comprehensive insurance solution, which is only effective if you and your employees are committed to a specialized safety program.

Safety protocols are not meant to decrease productivity, but rather to reduce the number of claims that might be filed against your business. If your workplace meets federal safety guidelines, then are statistically lower chances that you will face a lawsuit or claim for workers compensation, for example.

Mallory Agency will work with our clients to ensure that workplaces meet OSHA standards. The federal regulations included in OSHA are often difficult to implement in a practical manner. Our team will help you navigate through these complex regulations to develop safety measures that are unique to your operations.


Measured Success

For each of our clients, we create a detailed report outlining safety goals and directives. To measure how well these goals are being achieved, our consultants will monitor cost reduction in response to a decrease in workplace-related incidents. After implementing adequate safety measures, our clients almost always find an increase in profits.


Safety Consulting and Support

In the event of a workplace-related incident, our staff is always available to explain how this might affect your business. Our safety consultants will help investigate the root causes of an accident and what safety measures can prevent them from happening again. If a claim is filed against your business, our team of claims advocates will help settle the issue quickly and cost-effectively.


Experience in a Variety of Industries

Mallory Agency has represented hundreds of organizations and businesses since 1907. Our safety consultants are certified in occupational safety and are very familiar with OSHA standards. No matter the industry, Mallory Agency can implement a strategy that guarantees the safety of your workplace for years to come.