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Surety Bond Insurance Made Easy

It has been said that, “In order to make money, one must spend money.” But sometimes having that necessary money is easier said than done. Enter Surety Bonds and making bond requests. The Mallory Agency is here to help you find the credit management you need to get your project underway. We can work with you to help you get your records in order so that getting a surety bond is a painless process.

Surety BondsContact among at least 3 parties with Commercial and Construction Surety Bonds being the most common. A surety Bond consists of three parties:

  • Principal – The party that guarantees support to the Obligee.
  • Obligee – The obligee is the protected party, the one receiving support.
  • Surety – Makes sure the Principal fulfills obligation.


License and Permit Surety Bonds which include Mortgage Broker Bonds, Car Dealership Bonds, Insurance Agent Bonds, Contractor License Bonds, Tax and Utility Bonds and much more.

Public Official Surety Bonds which includes bonds for public officials such as Mayors, judges, etc. as well as Tax Collectors, Notary Publics, Court Clerks, Deputy Sheriff or any officer of the law to name a few.

Fidelity Surety Bonds which includes employee dishonesty, theft of money, computer/cyber crimes such as transfer of funds and more.

Bid Bonds are part of the bidding process by the contractor to the project owner that guarantees the contract to be fulfilled at the price bid and meet the required performance standards.

Performance Bonds protect the project owner in case the contractor fails to meet their obligations in accordance with the contract between the two parties.

Judicial Bond is to protect against delay in legal proceedings


We have many years of experience and have built many relationships with those who provide surety bonds. We can look over your plan of approach and do a comprehensive evaluation, and then help you develop and market a plan that will target those carriers who are interested in backing a client with your specific needs and interests. As your advocate in the surety bond process, we can be there each step of the bond request process, even if this is not your first time to apply for a surety bond. We have a qualified team of underwriters who understand the construction industry; they want to see you begin and complete your job successfully.

We know that good communication of needs and plans is critical, and will see that all meetings and consultations are carefully planned and orchestrated. Consequently, each meeting is conducted only after our professionals have consulted with each client involved as to the agenda and data to be shared at the meetings/consultations.

To make the surety bond process smoother and to provide additional counsel, we can also help you with the reporting and presenting of your financial statements, trending and forecasting job profit, providing due diligence, raising capital, and locating professional services such as bankers, CPAs, consultants, software and many other elements that may arise.

As your company grows, it is necessary to review the relationships between you and those who have provided the surety bonds. After all, carriers or conditions may change, and most importantly, the market can improve over time and you want the surety bonds to reflect those changes. We can review your surety bond programs as they apply to carrier quality, rates, capacity, indemnity, capital requirements and other factors so that you are always getting the best terms available.

When you make a surety bond request at the Mallory Agency, we don’t leave you waiting around for answer. We make it a priority to respond quickly. Because of our years of experience, we can begin the process quickly, so you can get started as soon as possible. Even better, we can usually help in those last minute, unexpected situations.

The Mallory Agency is the one to call in Georgia and Alabama for Surety/Bonds to provide the credit management to get your project off the ground. Call 888-551-3336 to learn more.