Your Georgia construction business relies on maintaining a strict time schedule. Unfortunately, delays are a common part of the business that can be caused by bad weather, injuries, a late shipment or other inconsistent factors that put a sudden halt in construction. As a contractor, you have enough on your plate already without having to deal with the stress of a costly delay.

There are great deals to make, equipment to order and reliable help to hire — but is your company protected during setbacks? It does not matter if you are an electrician, heating and air conditioning contractor, plumber, skilled tradesman, general contractor or any other professional in the construction industry, Mallory Agency has an insurance policy to meet the unique needs of your business.

Your Personal Risk Management Team

Accidents happen on construction sites. Between heavy equipment and procedures that must be performed precisely, you can all but pinpoint the areas in which employees are most likely to experience an accident while on the job. That is exactly what your insurance agency will do: personalized loss control consulting.

Your business will be analyzed, job sites reviewed and you will be given a risk management plan that best suits your needs. Professionals will also make sure that your sites are in compliance with the regulations of multiple federal agencies. Mallory Agency will work with you to make your site is as hazard-free as possible. When accidents do happen that cause your business to face delays, your policy will be there to prevent your business from experiencing a financial mishap.

You Need Resource Assistance

You love working in construction, but a long paper trail prevents you from being on your job sites as much as you would like. You have claims to file, web forms to complete and respected doctors to find. Mallory Agency can help you with completing your paperwork correctly and efficiently. This will free up valuable time that you can use to get your big jobs done ahead of schedule. Time is perhaps the most valuable asset in construction; is your time protected?

Your Business Depends on Good Contracts

A good contract can mean the difference between the success and failure of your Georgia construction business. Contracts are written daily in the construction business, from lease agreements to business mergers. A contract specialist can help you to fully understand and complete each one of your valuable contracts. Never sign a document that has not been reviewed, you could be out a lot of time and money otherwise.

A good construction insurance policy could be the life ring that your business needs when times get tough. More than that, your insurance agency can be a group that works as your ultimate support system while you are on your journey to success. If you would like more information, we encourage you to visit our construction insurance page or contact a representative with Mallory Agency today.