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Wellness Plans Made Easy

The welfare of your employees is a key component of today’s successful businesses. A comprehensive wellness plan will keep your employees happy and committed to your organization while also attracting new talent.

At Mallory Agency, we recognize the importance of employee benefits and help create a plan from the nation’s most reputable insurance providers.

Before implementing any type of group coverage plan, we review the goals and objectives you hope to achieve for your business. We also take into consideration the budget our client can allocate for group coverage options. With this information, the advisors at Mallory Agency create a detailed strategy that insurance carriers counter with a coverage plan. Our insurance advisors help clients select the policy and insurance carrier that is most suitable for their business needs.

While every policy for employee benefits differs in cost and coverage, some of the most popular coverage options include:

Group Medical

Group medical insurance plans are an essential part of any employee benefit package. This types of coverage include traditional indemnity plans that allow employees to pick their own doctors, as well as managed care plans like HMO, PPO, and EPO. We advise most companies to carry at least two forms of coverage to increase the choice employees have in selecting health care and to minimize overall healthcare costs.


Group Dental

There are a variety of traditional and managed dental care plans like DMO and DPO plans that maximize coverage to your employees. Our goal is to reduce insurance costs for company, so we will always review your dental coverage options with your business.


Group Life

Basic group life insurance plans provide financial security in the event of an accidental or untimely death of an employee’s family member. In addition to basic plans, most carriers offer Supplemental Voluntary Life insurance if an employee wants to purchase additional coverage.


Long Term Disability

If an employee ever becomes disabled and cannot reasonably perform their former occupational duties, then LTD insurance will provide replacement income. Long-term disability plans for large groups are often fairly inexpensive, especially when packaged with other group insurance plans.


Profit Sharing (401K) Plans

These types of IRS qualified plans allow employees and their employers to donate tax-deferred dollars to a pension plan. Mallory Agency can help you find a (401K) program that will effectively cover your business based on the number of employees you have and the amount your employer plans to contribute.


Group Service and Commitment

Mallory Agency is always available to help you and company navigate through the complicated world that is group insurance. Whatever plan your company chooses, we will help coordinate and put that plan in action. We can help your business hold employee meetings to explain their group coverage policy and our insurance advisors are always free to answer your business’ questions. We’ve crafted hundreds of wellness plans for large and small companies alike and guarantee your satisfaction as well.